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5 June 2008

Resurrect the blog, Presidential Race

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Well I think it’s about time I said a few things about this Presidential race.

Number One: Who can take the republicans seriously? I mean, just LOOK at the guy they have at the forefront for President! I don’t know what is going on over there. They need a more believable guy to represent their party if they really want to win legitimately. This guy just strikes me as a clown.

Number Two: If Hillary thinks she can weasel her way into the Vice Presidential slot with Obama, she is sadly mistaken. He might be gracious and respectful of his running mate, but that doesn’t mean he is stupid.

Number Three: Hillary is still holding out on conceding, but it’s truly only because she is hoping that he won’t be able to get the last few delegates he needs to outright win. She might say it’s for other reasons, but that’s the main one.

Other than that, I am glad that Obama is so eloquent. I thoroughly enjoyed his speech.


4 May 2007

Killing the Kids with Cars

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I cannot believe it! Cannot believe that a person could ever “forget” to drop their child off at daycare and leave them in the car all day long without a thought. My friend had postpartum depression/borderline psychosis and STILL never left her infant anywhere like that. What are these parents thinking? Are they thinking? It’s inexcusable!

Read more about this travesty here.  Make sure to sign the petition. We, the people, can make a difference. We can stop children from suffering and dying in our own country by standing up and shouting out that there needs to be a change!

30 April 2007

Gas prices soar, other prices to follow

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I just read about the $4 hike in gas prices soon coming. I am not surprised, as the United States refuses to let loose its hold on gasoline and fossil fuels. One has to wonder, with so much technology available that takes advantage of clean burning fuels:


 It’s all about the almighty dollar, no matter where you turn. The people in charge make enough money to never have to really worry about whether they are going to put gas in the car to get to work as opposed to putting food on the table. People like you and I suffer, not them. It is only when their eyes are truly opened that they will see the plight of the people and get back to democracy as it started…as it should have been from the beginning.

The people have cried out about the prices and the lack of cost-of-living increases. All this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Since the price of gas is yet again rising, so too will the price of all things as gas affects everything we have in our economy. Until the government decides to make a break from fossil fuels …even gradually… we all will have to suffer under the tyrannous reign of the oil loving government.

19 April 2007

Internet radio is threatened

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banner_speakup_300×250.gifHow dare they think that they can double charge Internet radio stations for playing songs for the mass public! I urge you to read about the initiative and sign the petition to get the initiative appealed. There are a great number of sites being affected by this evil scheme, and soon there will be no free netradio left.

Imus is fired, rap is attacked

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Okay so what does IMUS have to do with RAP? Nothing. Nothing at all. When someone decides to call women any type of ho, it’s not because of rap music. It’s because that person chose those words to say.

Sure many rap artists use that word and many other offensive terms, but that doesn’t mean that I would go out and say “hey, ho!” to some girl walking down the street. I was brought up better than that. If people want to denigrate themselves, they will do it. I, nor anyone else, has to be part of that type of activity.

If rap artists all got together tomorrow and decided to stop saying derogatory words like ho, would that make any difference? I doubt it. People’s thinking won’t change because the lyrics of the songs do. One being a racist doesn’t change because we are no longer segregated. People’s mindsets about slavery don’t change just because it was abolished. The N word didn’t lose its sting for everyone just because a few letters were changed to connotate something more positive.

They shouldn’t have fired Imus because of this one offense. He has been degrading people with his words for years. He didn’t just call the African American players hoes. He FIRST called them all “some hardcore hoes”.  If anything, he only shows the ignorance that he himself has been allowed to display for the last however many years he has been on radio without incident. In essence, this or some other form of punishment should have been doled out before.

Where, I ask, were the censors? They had plenty of time from the first moment he said “hoes” to bleep the second occurrence, but they didn’t. What is happening to them?

10 February 2007

Global Warming and Al Gore

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A while back, I wrote about the Global warming debates. Now, I am committed to seeing the movie by Al Gore that goes into the truth about the whole issue. Thanks to Amy for pointing it out to me. Here is a trailer that I found that will give you an idea of what the movie covers:

9 February 2007

Is Obama black?

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The consensus is : No. African-Americans are those who are directly descendant from West African slaves brought to America for the purpose of working as slaves. Obama doesn’t have that lineage. He, himself, admits having a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas. It’s funny to me because I always thought he was mixed. His features don’t speak of true African-American lineage.

He is actually a true African of America. I was watching the Daily Show and Debra Dickerson, the author of “The End of Blackness“, said that Obama is “as black as circumstances allow”. This thought made me shudder. It’s something I was afraid of when he began his campaign. Really, I am hoping he proves every critic wrong.

1 February 2007

Iraq Attack: Time to fight back

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March on Washington

Thursday February 1st is the day when the Virtual March is going down. is marching on Washington by getting as many bloggers as possible to commit to calling their Congressmen. Voice your opinions on why the war should cease in Iraq. Let them know that you are mad as hell and you aren’t going to stand by and watch the slaughter of our soldiers any longer…well, if that’s how you feel. Don’t let me impose my thoughts on your parade. The point is to do something. Stop the escalation of soldiers into Iraq. Click the pic and sign up for a time that you will call your Congressman. Report back any response you get. The more people we have voicing their opinions, the more change can be affected.

31 January 2007

Who will you vote in?

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The next Presidential election is looming over our heads. Thank God that the reign of terror…I mean Bush…is nearly over. What does this mean for America’s future? Right now we have two very controversial candidates who are in the running: Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. These are the two extreme minorities. Being Black, would you vote for Obama out of duty to your heritage? Being a woman, would you vote for Hillary ouf duty to their rights? What if you are a Black woman? Who, then, do you choose. If you choose the white woman are you betraying your race? If you choose the Black man are you denegrading women?

Choices, choices.

My fear for Obama is that he gets elected and gets assassinated within the first 3 minutes of his presidency. My fear for Clinton is that she will get into power and be the worst President ever bar none. Either way, if they play into the hands of the stereotypes of what it seems that they would do being in power, they are screwed and so are we.

Obama doesn’t even have the Black vote locked down. They aren’t convinced that he will be fit as President. There are no guarantees that he won’t be just as insidious as his white counterparts.  The truth is, no matter who the people vote for, we will end up with criticism and problems.

So who will you vote for in the next election?

27 January 2007

Global warming heating up

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In light of the news that the polar ice caps are melting and the world is beginning to flood, the President has decided it’s time to do something. Uh…DUH. The signs have been there for years. Global warming has been more than a theory since around 1930.  Why has it taken nearly 80 years for the government to begin to formulate a plan?

We knew when the factories and businesses that opened in the Industrial Revolution began spewing their poisons into the atmosphere that there would be problems. Since oil is big business, there is no way they were going to just let that boone go and search for clean air technology. We have the technology and have had it for many many years, but no one want to put it into production. Why? No more oil. No more big business. The catch is that if the world dies there won’t be any business at all. Everything will be destroyed…so what really makes more sense? Clean air technology that wil eventually become as profitable as the oil industry and moreso because it prolongs the life of the earth and its inhabitants OR keep on with big business oil, use all the resources the environment has to offer and in the end destroy the world.

It’s time the people stood up for their environment and their well being. Cancer is at an all time high. There are more mental illnesses prevalent today than ever in history. More people are dying from illnesses that don’t even have a name. Stand up for your right to live in a clean and healthy environment. Don’t let them take away our lives.

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